Evidential Mediumship &  Spiritual Counseling

On a Mediumship reading you can expect to receive, messages of love from your departed loved ones, evidential information and validations to prove that their energy, spirit, soul, however you recognize it, is with you and very much alive, only with a different form, the one we do not see but that is inside each and one of us, here and now, The Spirit within.

During a Spiritual Counseling reading, I offer spiritual guidance in specific areas of your life. Psychic intuitive abilities are used during this reading as well as mediumship. Sometimes spirit decide that they have something to say.  Oracle & Angel cards may be used as well depending on the guidance received by spirit. Spiritual and Mediumship readings are offered by phone and in person.


Our services

  • Spiritual Reading
    Spiritual Counseling
    Spiritual Counseling offer spiritual guidance in many areas of your life. Relevant information and advice...
  • Mediumship Reading
    Mediumship Reading
    Mediumship is a form of communication between physical human beings and discarnate spirits (one without...
  • Energy Healing
    Energy Healing
    Energy Healing is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us...
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    Workshops & Events
    2015 NEWS! Angel Academy by Indigo Angel’s Light – Psychic Medium Keoni C. For information about courses...